BLACK ASTEROID – Infinite Darkness
BLACK ASTEROID – Infinite Darkness

BLACK ASTEROID – Infinite Darkness

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BLACK ASTEROID – Infinite Darkness

Label:  Artoffact Records

Formato: CD - Disponível a partir de 3 de Maio

Genre: EBM / Techno / Industrial


Black Asteroid announces a sophomore album, 'Infinite Darkness', which will see its global release on May 3rd, 2024 via Artoffact Records, 7 years after the previous album ‘Thrust’!
The highly-anticipated and truly original crossover record goes where techno has never gone before. Guitars and vocals are featured prominently, alongside a wall of modular synths to create solid machine-driven grooves and atmospheres that coalesce with the live performances – a sound that is uniquely Black Asteroid. Produced over the span of five years, the album features incredible talent, including Ian Astbury of The Cult, ACTORS, Louisahhh!!! [co- founder of RAAR label), Michèle Lamy, Front Line Assembly, Blush Response and Speedy J.

Reflecting candidly on his second album, Black comments: "This record is a full circle back to 1994 when I released my first record (as haloblack). 30 years later, I can still hear the same person and sound making this record in 2024."

Some (surprising) facts on BLACK ASTEROID:

Black Asteroid is the brainchild of Bryan Black. Bryan started his career as a sound designer for Prince. While working with Prince at Paisley Park Studios, Bryan learned and honed sound and production skills which inspired him to start his own bands, haloblack and hellbent (both on Fifth Colvmn Records). Bryan later moved to London England and launched a band called MOTOR. The first MOTOR demo was quickly signed to Novamute. After 2 singles, MOTOR were catapulted to the top of the techno world, sharing stages with Daft Punk and Kraftwerk at major festivals, and later embarking on a World tour supporting Depeche Mode in 2009. In early 2011, Bryan decided to start Black Asteroid to showcase an exciting new sound. It was time to re-capture the EBM/techno/industrial world...


01 Dirge Out [feat. Ian Astbury]  

02 Machine [feat. Michèle Lamy]

03 Ashes and Dust [feat. ACTORS]  

04 Love [feat. Louisahhh!!!]  

05 Polyfusion

06 Meth Rain [feat. Front Line Assembly]  

07 Blast  

08 Into My Body [feat. Blush Response]

09 The Void of Nothingness  

10 Infinite Blackness [feat. Speedy J]